Analysts forecast the Global Scuba Diving Equipment market to grow
at 3.68 percent (Compound annual growth rate)
over the period 2013-2018

Scuba Diving is a multi-billion dollar global business.
But sales in Europe have yet to match those in the USA
(The US has roughly twice as many certified divers as Europe)
Yet Europe has a far larger potential market size with a population
approaching 600 million citizens.

Diving is a sport that attracts consumers who usually have large
disposable incomes, are aged 25-50 and who are often
professionals or self-employed.
This growing niche market has a user profile that is
likely to be more resilient than many others in
economic downturns. According to a survey compiled for
CBI Market Information by 'Facts Figures Future' :
"dive travellers are generally higher educated people
with higher income, and are, therefore, expected to be
less affected by the economic crisis." *

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